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So, You Want To Be A Content Creator?!

Or maybe you already are creating regularly, and you want to improve your influencer skills and take your work full-time?

You're not alone. Recent surveys in the US show that content creation and influencing are extremely popular career paths, especially for Gen Z-ers. Despite the societal stigma, more people recognize the work that goes into content creation and the impact it can make. 

But how do you actually do it?


Everyone's path will be different, just as everyone's goals are different. I know folks who create amazing content and have tens of thousands of followers on social media but have no desire to make it their career. Others are focused on crafting a path for themselves to become full-time influencers who essentially work as creative freelancers.


No matter your goals, there's so much to learn and experiment with within the realm of content creation. And from the very basics to making better videos for social media to building out subscription revenue, the resources below will help guide you.

What Is A Content Creator?

If you create and share content online, you're a content creator. 


Have a blog or newsletter where you share your writing? You're a content creator. Love to share photos and videos on Instagram?

You're a content creator.


Though many like to draw distinctions between hobbyists and professionals, at the core of it, both groups are creators.

Similarly, many try to draw a distinction between creators and influencers. I use content creator and influencer as interchangeable terms, as do most people in everyday conversation. Lissette Calveiro of Influence With Impact (whom I have taken courses from and work with) has a great video on this conversation about influencers and content creators.

Resources For New Creators

New-ish to content creation and want to learn more about the basics?


The below resources will help you get started and begin to level up your skills.

  • Content creation doesn't have to be super expensive, and no, you likely don't need all those fancy tools. Check out my top free resources for creators to get you started and learn more about the influencer space. 

Issues In The Influencer Space

​Being a successful creator involves more than just creating and sharing content.


It requires developing a thick skin to deal with trolls, often explaining your work to folks who are inclined to believe that it's "silly," operating in an unequal and opaque industry, and more. The below will help you consider your role and the industry more broadly on a deeper level. 

On Creator Subscriptions

The rise of influencer subscriptions is one of the most important trends in the influencer industry in recent years.


Let's take a look at subscriptions from the creator's perspective. 

From Creator To Professional

​Serious about your work as an influencer and want to go further?


These tools can help you get to the next level and boost your income.

  • I've built and managed a subscription for 2+ years as a core part of my influencer work. Get my ultimate guide to creator subscriptions, which takes you all the way from conception to launch! 

  • Pricing your work as an influencer can be one of the most difficult processes to figure out. The industry is opaque, and each project and partnership is unique. I highly recommend using Influence With Impact's Creator Rate Calculator to help you set your pricing! The industry knowledge and framework behind this calculator, and the other resources offered by Influence With Impact (whom I've taken courses from and work with), are top-notch. ​

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