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A logo for Magic at the Margins, the food and beverage subscription community by Feed The Malik

Welcome to the community! 

You're probably here because you came across something I posted on Feed The Malik and thought, "I can get with this." Maybe you saw me politely drag someone for airing their bigotry out loud. Maybe you noticed one of my Black food and travel guides. Or, maybe you saw me living out loud on social media and thought, "I want more of that."

At least, I hope that's why you're here. 

This community came about because people asked for it. Literally. In a sea of sameness, trending sounds, and quick hits online, I was looking for a home for my creativity that was more thoughtful, went deeper, and really engaged my digital community. 

Meanwhile, my audience was asking for more, for spaces to connect online and irl, for places to ask and share answers to questions, for content that goes beyond a quick listicle. They asked for and suggested a space like this, so I dove right in. That's how Magic at the Margins was created.

Since then, this community has taken an off-road tour of Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan (seen here) while laughing about our misadventures the day before in Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. 

Jordan MATM.jpg

We've dined at a DC restaurant helmed by one of the best chefs in the nation, exploring how plant-based eating can surprise us. We've traded tips on wellness resorts to check out while taking some R&R and helped members plan out their stops on their latest adventure in San Francisco. 


I happen to think it's the best place on the internet, a space where there are no silly questions, where we can show up as ourselves, where folks will encourage you as they adventure alongside you.

Ok seriously, WTF is Magic at the Margins?

So, if you join us, what are you really getting?


Magic at the Margins is a subscription community and digital newsletter where we live out loud and explore through food, travel, and beyond. 

Members get access to: 


  • Exclusive content, like a deep dive on one of the top Black food events in the nation, complete with chef interviews and perspectives not shared elsewhere!

  • Members-only events, including virtual events, meetups, and travel opportunities. Check out the recap from our members' trip to Jordan

  • A monthly members-only podcast with KJ Kearney of James Beard Finalist social media platform Black Food Fridays.

  • A 100% ad-free space! The group is completely free from sponsored content and affiliate links.  

  • Access to IG close friends for polls, behind-the-scenes, and exclusive Q&As!

What about the $$$ tho?

I'll be honest: I could've created an exclusive club and priced it at a premium. But I didn't do that because I wanted this to be a true community space. 
Membership costs $3, $7, or $12 per month. You choose what you can pay, and no matter what, you still get access to all the benefits. Yes, even the virtual cocktail classes and dinner events. 

And for me, subscription funds are predictable revenue that I can use to plan as a business owner. Subscriptions support my work focused on BIPOC and marginalized businesses, like Black-centric social media coverage that has already reached more than 3.6 million people in 2023 (as of August 15, 2023). 



  • Snack Bar

    Every month
    Come as you are, pay what you can
     14 day free trial
    • Includes access to all member exclusive content and events
  • Most Popular

    Latte Love

    Every month
    Come as you are, pay what you can
     14 day free trial
    • Includes access to all member exclusive content and events
  • Quick Lunch

    Every month
    Come as you are, pay what you can
     14 day free trial
    • Includes access to all member exclusive content and events

Subscriptions auto renew until cancelled

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