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Hi, my name is Anela Malik!


I started Feed the Malik as a passion project while living in Amman, Jordan, in 2018. I was new to the city and most blogs had the same old list of touristy and expensive recommendations. In my search for better, more local flavors, and a desire to get out of the expat bubble, I began venturing out with my phone in hand and sharing my discoveries with my friends and family.


While living in Jordan, I was lucky enough to host friends and visitors who opened my eyes to a facet of blogging I had never imagined – through food and storytelling I could introduce people to new cultures, to diverse stories and perspectives they had never imagined. As I showed friends around my new home, they often told me that they would have never considered coming to the Middle East. The stories and recipes in Feed the Malik allowed them to imagine a richer, more nuanced, and tasty side of a previously unknown place. Feed the Malik ultimately motivated them to travel to a country that many warned was too "dangerous" or "backwards". That, to me, was truly powerful.


I have since left Jordan, but the power of food to bring people and cultures together guides Feed the Malik to this day. I aim to highlight diverse voices and perspectives in food and beyond, to show you truly tasty treats and unique stories rather than focusing on trends. From the favorite local BBQ spot closing down in an effort to protect public health during a pandemic to reclaiming the Fried Chicken Sandwich and it’s indelible connection to Black American culture, the stories behind our favorite foods can be fraught and political. However, despite its deep histories and contentious politics, food retains its unique power to bring people together – a power that I encourage us all to embrace whenever possible.

Whether you're a subscriber, casual reader, or would like to work together, I'd love to keep in touch. Shoot me an email at contact@feedthemalik.com.


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