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Hi, my name is Anela Malik!


In addition to my love for exploring the food space, I'm an Arabic speaker, former diplomat, and wife.


I started Feed The Malik as a passion project while living in Amman, Jordan. I was new to the city and started pushing myself to get out of the expatriate bubble, phone in hand. To my surprise, my blog prompted friends who had never considered traveling to the Middle East to visit and explore alongside me.


I learned a valuable lesson then – through food, I could tell complex, compelling, diverse stories. I have since left Jordan, but that lesson guides Feed the Malik to this day.


I'm now based in Washington, DC, where I highlight marginalized perspectives in food, from a chef's efforts to reclaim the Fried Chicken Sandwich to the impact of Black Lives Matter on the local food space. I also showcase the tastiest treats and develop simple recipes to guide people to the best bites in the DC area and beyond. I believe that food retains its unique power to bring people together – a power that I encourage us all to embrace whenever possible. 


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