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From the tripod I use for filming to the source of my favorite pantry staples, find below products and goods that I recommend. Some of the below are affiliate links, so I do make an income if you shop. I've marked affiliates clearly and know that doesn't affect my recommendations.

Check out the tools and products that I use as a full-time content creator.

Shop my Amazon affiliate storefront​ to snag everything from recommended food photography supplies to the daylight lamp I use during winter.

Shop Public Goods, the members-only marketplace where I buy our pantry staples and cleaning supplies. Use code FTMPGA for 15% off your first purchase. I am an affiliate with Public Goods.​

Snag some kitchen goodies from Our Place. The Always Pan is a favorite of ours and the flatware is sturdy, beautiful, and photographs well. Use the code FEEDTHEMALIK10 for $10 off any purchase. Note that I've been gifted some items from Our Place but the link or code above is not an affiliate link.

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