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Some of the below contain affiliate links or codes. I make an income if you shop these though the cost for you is the same. I've also included codes here that give you a discount but don't have any material benefit for me. Know that if I recommend it, I use it and enjoy it.

Check out the tools, software, and knowledge sources I use to grow my business from tripods to podcasts.

From our catio to kitchen essentials and blogging tools, I've linked them here.

Take a free quiz with this woman-owned company and get a fully customized skincare plan sent to you. They take into account your preferred price point, products you already own, desired investment, etc... Use my name (Anela Malik) when you sign up!

Find my favorite cookbooks, food-related reads, and more in my Bookshop affiliate store.

Daily Harvest is a staple in our freezer for those days when we're hungry, tired, and stressed. Their foods run the gamut from smoothies to flatbreads and bowls. They're a perfect balance as they're ready in minutes, tasty, and usually offer a bit of nutritional balance after eating out frequently for the blog. Use the code FEEDTHEMALIK for up to $40 off your first order.

Wondering if you should get a Peloton? I love mine and use it regularly. If you do decide to get one, you can use my affiliate code KJSERE for $100 off (the discount is on accessories, so you have to purchase one of the bike packages which comes with accessories).

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