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Hi, I'm Anela


I’ve built a thriving digital community of over 360,000 followers in just a few years.

Think of me as the straig
ht-talking anxious adventurer just trying to make it work. I help millennials like myself embrace nuance, imperfection, and wonder in an incredibly complex world through food, travel, and the everyday mundane.

People want real recommendations and thoughtful conversations (remember that de-influencing trend?). That's what Feed The Malik is all about! 

Anela Malik leaning up against a fence smiling

Services & Expertise

  • I'm known for my video storytelling, in particular, sharing compelling evergreen narratives that go beyond trends.

  • I'm a writer! I'm writing a book for National Geographic. Check out my short-form writing on my blog or in my newsletter, along with 5,000+ others.

  • I have on-camera training and speaking experience in a variety of contexts. I was a U.S. diplomat in my former career and have spoken at Discover and Disney in the past. 

  • A core part of my platform focuses on Black-owned businesses and Black storytelling, from Black food festivals to historical travel experiences to product launches.

  • Other areas of expertise/intersection: I speak Arabic and have lived in, worked in, and studied the Middle East extensively. I absolutely love the region. I'm a casual cyclist training for a few wild cycling trips. I also love exploring the outdoors at home and while traveling.


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