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Updated: Feb 17

I value the trust of my readers, followers, subscribers, the digital community, and the businesses that I partner with. Full stop. Those relationships allow me to do this work and pursue a career in the food space on my own terms.

I want to build an honest, vibrant community centered around two things: a love for food and a commitment to equality. To further that aim, below are clear guidelines on what you can expect from me at Feed the Malik. From disclosing business relationships to food waste and knowledge sharing, the guidelines below are the foundation of Feed the Malik. 

1. I will disclose when I was paid in exchange for sharing about a product or service. I will also make it clear any time I was provided with a product or service for free. Know that I only share about things I truly enjoy and my reviews are honest, but I will clearly disclose business relationships that relate to my content.

2. I will eat the food that I post (or my husband will), and as much as possible seek to avoid food waste. I will not order more than I can possibly finish and I will take home and enjoy extra food as leftovers. Though a huge spread may make for pretty pictures, I will seek to avoid food waste especially in connection with photography and content creation for Feed the Malik. 

3. I will make every effort to provide cultural and historical context alongside the food that I post. When necessary, I will edit captions or blog posts to include missing information and showcase food as a part of the history or culture it comes from. 

4. I will center the businesses, foods, stories, and products of Black and other marginalized peoples, makers, and entrepreneurs in my work. While the entirety of my content will never be focused on one specific group, I will endeavor to use my platform to uplift the voices of minorities and marginalized communities.

5. I will endeavor to make the blogging space more accessible to minorities and marginalized peoples by making public all of the tools that I use for Feed the Malik. While I have limited hours and time to share, making public the tools, apps, courses, and resources that I use is an important step towards leveling the playing field and closing the knowledge gap. In addition, I will bring along another BIPOC content creator to every event that I'm invited to that allows guests. That may not be much, but it's my way of extending opportunities to others.

6. I will make every effort to ensure my content is accessible and inclusive, captioning social media content, including image and video descriptions, and writing in alt-text. This may mean I have to slow down the pace of content creation, but I am committed to doing so if necessary. I will also include my pronouns in social media bios and email signatures, and avoid the use of diet language and of terms that serve to mark a culture or cuisine as an "other." I consider this to be an ever-evolving commitment as I learn and unlearn.

7. I will clearly note that a business is home-based when I am aware of it. Their operations may or may not comply with local cottage food business laws. For many marginalized communities, home-based food businesses are a common avenue for economic advancement and growth. As such, they are an essential part of the local foodscape. However, any action taken based on the information shared on this blog is strictly at your own risk, and none of the authors, administrators, vendors, or anyone else connected with Feed The Malik can be held responsible for any adverse reactions or outcomes.

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