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Where'd The Recipe Go?

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

If you've landed here you're probably in search of one of my recipes. I've opted to take down the vast majority of them for a variety of reasons.

Most importantly, I never really enjoyed creating recipes. I did so because people kept asking me to once they saw me cooking on my Instagram Stories or saw the food I made for myself and my family in our day-to-day life. My preferred method of cooking or baking is much more unstructured and typically doesn't involve measuring. I'm aiming to get back to that and have generally stopped creating recipes.

Instead, I've shifted my focus to storytelling, much of which still involves food. I'm focusing on exploring the ways that food connects us, is a living part of history, and is deeply intertwined with power and culture. You can find a taste of that below.




Mar 24, 2022

Totally in support of following the muse! Seems a waste to take down the hard work you already created -- especially when it's linked from other places on the web. I was really looking forward to that sourdough pretzel recipe! May the muse always find you, no matter the form. Cheers!

Aug 26, 2022
Replying to

I don’t know if it helps but if you google “everything sourdough pretzels” you will find some options…Alternatively, I read that you can take any of your favorite recipes and remove 1/4 cup of total of either liquid and/or flour and replace it with 1/2 a cup of your sourdough starter/discard.

Came here looking for that pretzel recipe as well and figured I would suggest what I’ve come across so far. Hopefully that helps someone else who ends up here later for the same reason.


Mar 13, 2022

Wowwww. Just wow! You should really put a disclaimer on the articles with your links so you don’t waste people’s time. Good luck with your storytelling.

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