Small-Batch Thanksgiving Recipes From Black Food Bloggers

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

For many of us, Thanksgiving this year may be different than most. Many remain reticent to

travel or gather and will celebrate Thanksgiving without the large social groups they are accustomed to.

For those cooking, this may pose a particular challenge. How do you prepare your tried and true dishes typically made for eight, ten, or even more people, for just two or four? How do you prepare a fabulous holiday meal with all your favorites, without having to finish off a week's worth of leftovers with just you and your roommate or partner?

Small-batch cooking is the answer. Small-batch recipes are scaled-down and designed for just a few people, perfectly portioned and tested so you don't have to fuss with scaling back baking times or temperatures trying to reduce a pre-existing recipe that yields larger portions. In this case, as it is Thanksgiving and leftovers are part of the experience, the recipes included below make six or less servings. Enough for a group of two to four to feast with a bit leftover.

Small-Batch Thanksgiving Recipes From Black Food Bloggers


Buttermilk Roasted Chicken

You’ll love this easy, flavorful Buttermilk Roasted Chicken recipe from Good Food Baddie! You marinated the chicken in a simple, herbaceous buttermilk mixture and then roast it in the oven giving you a perfectly golden, flavorful whole chicken! This recipe serves six, perfect for a hearty meal with a few servings leftover depending on the size of your group.

Braised Turkey Legs

If you don't feel up to making a whole turkey, try these Braised Turkey Legs in a white wine vegetable stock from My Eager Eats. The succulent tender meat with rich and robust gravy is great for a smaller Thanksgiving dinner. This recipe yields two turkey legs.


Carrot Souffle

Looking for a sweet side? Try this Carrot Soufflé from Dude That Cookz. It's a creamy and slightly sweet side dish that goes well with any main entree. This recipe serves six, so you shouldn't have a huge amount of leftovers depending on the size of your group.

Crispy Oven Okra

For a crispy, snackable side try this crispy oven okra from My Pretty Brown Fit. The okra is roasted to perfection and served with a delicious lemon-dill and garlic aioli. This recipe is vegan-friendly and makes a perfect serving for a small group.

Sourdough Discard Cheddar Biscuits

These Sourdough Discard Cheddar Biscuits, one of my favorite recipes that I've created, utilizes sourdough discard, so no need to ensure that your sourdough starter is fed in the midst of cooking a holiday meal. In just a few easy steps you'll get decadent, flaky biscuits that serve three to four people.

Simple Spiked Cranberry Sauce

For many, Thanksgiving is incomplete without cranberry sauce. This year, you can ditch the canned stuff for this home-made Spiked Cranberry Sauce from Crumbsnatched! It’s made with ground cloves and triple-sec and only makes six servings, just enough for a modest portion of leftovers.


Brown Butter Pecan Cake

Don't miss this Brown Butter Pecan Cake from Chenée Today. This 6-inch cake combines rich toasted pecans, brown butter, and a luscious brown butter cream cheese frosting for an incredible finish to your Thanksgiving meal!

Easy Sourdough Baked Cake Donuts

My recipe for Sourdough Baked Cake Donuts is super simple and makes a fantastic spiced donut, perfected when you top it with a simple chocolate glaze or just powdered sugar. Plus, the recipe makes six donuts, perfect for a small- to medium-sized group.

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