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Interview With Uncle Dell's Mambo Sauce: For The Sake Of Family

Family is at the heart of Uncle Dell's Mambo Sauce. Brothers Andy and Nyles officially founded Uncle Dell's in August 2019, at ages 16 and 18. Motivated by a desire to provide for their family, they drew on teachings from their grandfather-- who they also named their business after-- to create a business rooted in a DC tradition. Even as they look to the future, their business plans will incorporate a nod to their Mother's southern heritage. This duo knows that family matters, and as food brings people together so powerfully, it absolutely matters in the food business.

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COVID-19 has dramatically impacted Uncle Dell's and other similar food businesses that rely on word of mouth, pop-ups, and in person sales for the majority of their business. I've heard from many such businesses that in response to the COVID crisis they are turning to social media as an avenue to connect with customers and continue to engage with the community. For us diners and customers, let this be a reminder to show our favorite local businesses some love on social, as it may be much more important than we think.

Want to shop Uncle Dell's Mambo Sauce? Check out their online store or find them on Instagram!

Uncle Dell's Mambo Sauce is a tad sweet and oh so rich with a hint of smokiness, a perfect complement to meat-centric dishes, as a dip, or even a topping on macaroni and cheese. Want to try cooking with it? Check out my simple recipe for Uncle Dell's Whole Roasted Chicken.

If you're close to Frederick, Maryland check out the meatloaf sandwich featuring Uncle Dell's Mambo Sauce at Pumpernickel and Rye!

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