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10 Creative Ways to Use Mango Pepper Sauce (or any hot sauce)!

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

I was recently given the Mango Pepper Sauce from Camella's kitchen to try for free and was very impressed. With robust flavors and fiery heat, this sauce is one I plan to use in the kitchen for a long while to come.

Recognizing that many folks struggle with spicy foods or aren't sure how to use this sauce (or other hot sauces), I pulled together some creative ideas. All of the below are great ways to use up your collection of hot sauces or spicy chutneys. Especially if you have a hot sauce that's too spicy for your typical preference, by using some of these suggestions (adding it to soups, dairy-based sauces, or even guacamole) you can customize the level of spice by adding more or less sauce!

*I was given Camella's Mango Pepper Sauce for free to try. I choose to share about it as I really enjoy it and use it frequently in my home kitchen.


10 Creative Ways to Use Mango Pepper Sauce (or any hot sauce):

  1. Pour a dash over vanilla or chocolate ice cream! I haven't tried this yet myself, but some of my friends swear by adding hot sauce to their ice creams. They say the dairy helps lessen the heat, while the sweet and spicy notes blend together well.

  2. Add it to your alfredo sauce. Mango Pepper Sauce adds a depth of flavor to your alfredo sauce, in addition to being buildable to your desired heat level. Add it one tablespoon at a time until you reach your desired spice level. The more you add, the spicier your alfredo will be. *The photo above is of citrus salmon with a homemade spicy alfredo pasta. I made a traditional alfredo and added extra minced garlic and Mango Pepper Sauce for the perfect upgrade!

  3. Pair it with mac & cheese, either on top or in the mixture itself! Basically, anything that involves cheese and a bit of heat will be good, trust me.

  4. Make guacamole with it! Skip dicing spicy peppers and potentially rubbing your eye later to dangerous effect. Mash some avocado with cilantro, lime, and a bit of Mango Pepper Sauce and you're done!

  5. Mix it into hummus for a little added kick.

  6. For great flavor, add it to ground meat for tacos or burger patties.

  7. Make compound butter. This is one of my favorite kitchen projects. Take some sauce, old herbs, anything you can think of, mix it with softened butter then put the butter back in the fridge to harden. Voila! you have intensely flavorful butter for use in cooking or topping other foods!

  8. Use it to finish your soups or chilis. Add Mango Pepper Sauce slowly at the end of the cooking process until you get your desired level of heat!

  9. Amp up your scrambled eggs. We like ours added to the egg mixture before it goes in the pan for a well-dispersed kick and flavor.

  10. Add it to your greens. This is a great way to spice up your collards once they're done cooking. Be careful though as a little goes a long way.


They claim the dairy makes it milder, and that space bar clicker the spicy and sweet flavors complement each other nicely.


Great! I really love mix hot sauce and noodle. I like eating it while playing geometry dash scratch which is an amazing adventure game.

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