Saturday Sammies: New Saturday Pop-Up at Thamee Brings Flaky, Layered Flatbread Sandwiches to DC

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

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All photos by Obiekwe Okolo, Stag Creative Studio

Today, Thamee, an award-winning DC restaurant and industry model for justice, launches Saturday Sammies, a paratha sandwich pop-up. With this newest offering, RAMMY Rising Culinary Star Nominee Chef Jocelyn Law-Yone brings an entirely new concept to the DC area-- flatbread sandwiches made from parathas, flaky, unleavened bread originating from the Indian subcontinent. In Burma, flatbreads like paratha are typically eaten on the side of main dishes. However, with their newest offering, Thamee brings Southeast Asian techniques and flavors to a dish akin to a sandwich, a food more widely understood and consumed in the United States. Chef Jocelyn says that the concept grew out of a desire to continue sharing Burmese food with customers in a way that makes sense in the current dining environment: more portable and less fussy. Online pre-orders open at 10:00 AM today, Wednesday, August 5, with limited quantities available for pickup Saturday, August 8, from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM.

Providing hospitality during the COVID-19 crisis has been very difficult, notes Chef Jocelyn. She describes a delicate process of, "trying to figure out what people want to order, to really try to see what people want at this point. It's a struggle after having a sit-down restaurant to readjust and think about comfort food but making it elevated and delicious and making sure that it can be carried out."

When creating Saturday Sammies, Chef Jocelyn says that the kitchen team was driven by a desire to create "something portable, unique, and fun," and "familiar in a way as people have had paratha before." Saturday Sammies is a way to "celebrate putting things together to make life a little bit better," she highlighted. To start, three sandwich options are available, each wrapped similarly to a gyro, with flaky, buttery paratha bread cradling a variety of fillings to create what Chef Jocelyn describes as hearty, delicious, ultra-portable meals.

Though Saturday Sammies launches with a limited menu, Chef Jocelyn emphasizes that she hopes this is just the start of this pop-up concept at Thamee. "The possibilities are endless!" she exclaims. "There are a million things I could add. There's grilled tofu tandoori-style that I would love to add eventually. We get our tofu from a small, family-owned tofu maker that provides incredibly fresh tofu. We'll just have to see how this goes. For every season, we could do a different sandwich."

Find below the menu and ordering options for Saturday Sammies, a Southeast Asian Sandwich Pop-Up by Chef Jocelyn Law-Yone at Thamee.

Saturday Sammies: Southeast Asian Sandwiches Available For Pre-Order

Limited quantities are available and Thamee expects to sell out of this initial offering.

Pre-orders are available at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, on Toast and via Skip the Line (to schedule delivery after ordering). Timed entry pick-ups help Thamee keep staff and guests safe by promoting social distancing and safety measures. Thamee is located at 1320 H St. NE DC 20002.


  • Zucchini with Spicy Eggplant: Pan-fried zucchini fritters with scallions, eggplant purée, fermented tofu, red onions, tomatoes, mint, and cilantro wrapped in a buttery, flaky house-made paratha. Topped with fried jalapeños and Thai chilis. *vegetarian, contains eggs and gluten

  • Beef Rendang: Beef slow-cooked in coconut milk with lemongrass, lime, and curry leaves, topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, and pickled mustard greens. A classic Indonesian dish wrapped in a buttery, flaky house-made paratha. *contains gluten

  • Tandoori Chicken: Grilled tandoori chicken with citrus-mint crema, tomatoes, cilantro, and red onions. A classic Indian dish wrapped in a buttery, flaky house-made paratha. *chef's favorite, contains dairy and gluten


  • Sweet Potato Chips: Thinly shaved sweet potato, fried crispy.

  • Watermelon Salad: Watermelon salad with rinds pan-fried in garlic chili oil, red and white cabbage, sesame oil, mint, cilantro, homemade dressing, and lime leaves.


  • Royal Falooda: Toli Moli's classic layered dessert drink with house-made pomegranate-ginger jellies, basil seeds, paprika-infused milk, vanilla ice cream, and rosewater syrup. *gluten-free, contains dairy, gelatin

  • Flavortown Kulfi: As seen on Chef Joceyln's winning guy's grocery games challenge in the "mother of all shows" | dairy-free "Indian ice cream" with coconut-almond milk, banana, cardamom, and pistachio topped with house-made pomegranate-paprika syrup and lychee. *vegan, gluten-free, contains nuts (pistachios, almonds)

Additional Menu Highlights:

  • House Made Beverages: Butterfly Limeade, Ginger Beer, Pineapple-Thyme Lemonade, and inventive craft cocktails.

  • House Made Boozy Paletas: Gin Strawberry Paleta, Tequila Mango Paleta, Paleta Mimosa Kit (Serves 2).

Pricing and Additional Info: All sandwiches are $19.50. Sides are priced between $3.90-$10.40 and desserts from $7.80-$9.10. All prices are inclusive of Thamee's Flat30, the restaurant's new business model announced in July to ensure a better quality of life for the staff, including a living wage, access to health benefits, career-advancement opportunities, and profit-sharing after one year.

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