Patreon Impact Preview Vol. 2

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Time for a second peek at the impact of Patreon on Feed the Malik! This week I deposited my very first Patreon payment, budgeted for those funds through the end of September, and was able to strategize about where I'll be directing my energies moving forward. Knowing that I can continue this work, largely because of the security offered by Patreon, also allowed me to complete the below projects. Take a look!

1. I interviewed, edited, photographed food for, and published an original piece on chef Rock Harper's Quest to reclaim fried chicken. I was excited to highlight a new Black-owned restaurant in DC and even more excited to dig into how food and culture collide.

2. I published this interview with an amazing small business owner from Portland! This was a great one covering everything from immigration to multilayered identities. These monthly interviews are part of an ongoing effort to amplify the stories of marginalized business owners.

3. I filmed content at a new restaurant. This isn't very exciting and is a normal activity for me. However, I was invited in by this business to dine for free and I used my invite to bring along another Black content creator. This is part of my commitment to open the door for others as well when I receive opportunities.

4. A promo video I was in, which I filmed at home sitting on my floor with my phone, was finally published! I didn't do anything as far as the publishing, but it was nice to see it come to fruition.

5. I finalized, photographed, and published a new recipe as part of a campaign. Recipe development and testing takes a lot of time, but I thoroughly enjoy it and can now make more time for it. Plus, this campaign is with a company I really enjoy and as part of my compensation package, they're making a sizeable donation of fresh, healthy food to a local organization serving those in need. That's worth the effort it took to get this recipe just right.

6. I wrote an original essay, a budget, and a detailed outline of upcoming projects for Patreon subscribers, whose memberships now make up the basis of my income. This takes time but my subscribers pour into me so I plan to do the same for them.

7. I conducted three interviews with minority business owners for upcoming projects. Now to edit and publish them in the coming week or two!

8. I also published this piece highlighting a new, Black-owned Detroit-style pizza place in DC! Also, this is a business I had previously connected with free resources as they worked through their launch. It's so exciting to see all that work come to fruition.

There are also a few big projects that I'm still working on and haven't finalized, but I'm itching to share. I hope that by next week when its time for the next Patreon impact preview they'll be ready for their debut.

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