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9 Tips For Visiting Jordan

Updated: Feb 7

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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is one of my favorite destinations in the world. Yes, I'm absolutely biased after living there for 2.5 years. But even now, after moving away and coming back to experience Jordan as just a visitor, I'd still recommend a visit to Jordan for any traveler.

The country of about 11 million people offers a range of things to explore, from incredible street food to ancient wonders. Plus, visitors will find that hospitality is truly a meaningful part of local culture, and generally, people are very welcoming and kind. The mixture is what makes Jordan such a special place. I highly recommend a visit to Jordan if you're able. To ease your travel planning, find tips and info to make the most of your trip and navigate this incredible country! And click here to see my most recent Jordan trip, including stops from North to South and a breakdown of my itinerary!

Nine Things To Know To Plan Your Visit To Jordan

1. Visas

U.S. citizens can get a visa on arrival for 40 Jordanian Dinars (about $56 USD) at most ports of entry, except for the King Hussein Bridge. For folks arriving at Queen Alia International Airport, the visa-on-arrival line is well-marked, and card payments are accepted. If you're planning to visit Petra while in Jordan, look into getting a Jordan Pass, as it will save you money on your visa and entry fees to sites while in the country!

2. Money

While many places in Jordan do take card payments, plan to have some cash on hand as you will need it in some places. One Jordanian Dinar is worth about $1.40 USD. Money exchange places are widely available in Jordan, or you can also plan to withdraw money from an ATM as long as your bank allows it.

Prices in Jordan can vary widely, but I've included examples in some of the sections below so you can plan your trip budget. Note that prices vary depending on which season you're traveling in. The included estimates are all from a spring trip to Jordan during the beginning of peak season.

3. Hotels

Jordan has a range of hotels, ranging from modest to luxury. There aren't as many hostels as you'd find in other parts of the world, as I've generally found hostel options to be limited in Jordan as they often are in other parts of the Middle East. Amman has one or two, all with gender-segregated rooms. However, despite the lack of hostels, plenty of budget hotel options are still available.

Hotel Prices

  • Hostels and budget hotels: $15 - $40 USD per night for either dorm or private accommodations

  • Mid-range (three-star hotel, clean but somewhat basic): $100 - $150 per night for a standard room

  • Five-star hotel: $200 - $400 USD per night for a standard room

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4. Getting Around

While in the capital city of Amman, you can easily get around via taxi or Uber. For an Uber across the city, expect to pay anywhere from $3 USD to $15 USD, though I've only seen the upper range of prices occur during rush hour for longer trips.

Outside of the capital, you can get around by hiring a driver, booking a tour, or renting a car. And though the driving may be a bit more aggressive than you're used to, depending on where you're from, confident drivers should be fine in Jordan. I drove when I lived in Jordan without incident.

5. When To Visit

Summer in Jordan can get quite hot, so look to spring and fall (March to May and Sept. to Nov.) for your Jordan travel plans to try to beat the heat. Also, be sure to research when Ramadan, an Islamic month of fasting, is happening so that you can plan around it. Many things are closed or will have altered schedules during Ramadan, including some restaurants and sites. Some travelers enjoy visiting during Ramadan, as they find the atmosphere and nighttime events exciting. Others find it very difficult, as Ramadan typically does require schedule adjustments. Get a peek at what to expect during Ramadan in Jordan.

6. Food

A bowl of foul, a stewed fava bean dish that's vegetarian, sits on a table in the sunlight in a restaurant in Amman Jordan
Foul at Abu Jbara, a restaurant in Amman

Jordan has absolutely amazing food! Many of the local staples are vegetarian, including hummus, foul (a stewed fava bean dish), falafel, mana'eesh (a local flatbread), and more. Jordan would be relatively easy to navigate as a vegan as well. Many of those vegetarian staples also don't have sneaky animal products in them, though always ask when ordering to be sure.

Food Prices

  • Street food (shawarma, falafel sandwich): $1-5 USD per person

  • Mid-range restaurant (sit down but not too fancy): $10 - $30 USD per person, depending on what you order

  • Fine dining (great atmosphere, table service, cocktails, and wine available): $50 to $90 USD per person

7. Black Traveler Friendly!

I'd characterize Jordan as a very friendly destination for Black travelers. No place is guaranteed to be 100% free of anti-Black racism, which is truly a global phenomenon. But in my personal experience and after traveling the country with many friends who are much darker skinned than I am, people in Jordan are generally friendly and welcoming, and this is not a place where I'd hesitate to tell Black travelers to come and explore.

8. Clothing And Appropriate Dress

Anela stands in a midi dress in the sun underneath a stone archway at the Citadel in Amman Jordan, a site with Roman, Byzantine, and Umayyad ruins
Anela at the Citadel in Amman

What should women wear to dress appropriately in Jordan?

You'll see some folks in Jordan wearing whatever they want. However, I'd still recommend visitors, in particular women, dress modestly by covering their knees and shoulders. This will prevent travelers from attracting unwanted attention, and it also shows respect for local customs.

9. Safety

Jordan is a safe place for foreign travelers! Use general travel precautions like you would anywhere, but Jordan as a destination is truly very safe. In regard to violent crime and crimes travelers are particularly at risk for, like theft, Jordan is safer than many US cities that are hotspots for tourism. Jordan ranks very high globally on Gallup's Law And Order Index and 10th globally for cities where people feel safe walking at night alone. For US travelers exploring internationally, always register your trip with the US Department of State's STEP program just to be safe.

Many travel warnings about Jordan particularly focus on the risk of terrorism. However, I'd challenge those assessments by asking why cities in Europe are not also stamped with the same travel warnings after repeated mass casualty terrorist attacks.

Jordan is an incredible destination and one you should absolutely explore! I'd recommend it for families, solo travelers, and anyone in between. If you have any questions about Jordan, drop them in the comments below, and I'm happy to answer them based on my experiences there!

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