Mother's Day Gift Guide: Decadent and Tasty Gifts From Black Women Entrepreneurs

Updated: May 1, 2020

Mother's day is around the corner! For many folks this Mother's Day will be different. Social distancing is forcing many of us children to keep our distance from our parents, to stay home and stay away to protect their health. It's an important effort and a hard decision. I would give anything to go spend Mother's Day with my mom in Hawaii, but ultimately I know it's better for everyone's health if I stay away. For other mothers, those who desperately need a break from this long period of pulling double and triple shifts as moms, homeschool teachers, and employees, this upcoming Mother's Day doesn't promise to be much of a break. Though social distancing guidelines are being relaxed in some states, most schools are still closed and life still restricted.

So how do we celebrate Mother's Day when we can't visit with each other the way we'd like and many of us aren't getting the breaks we'd like? Beyond phone calls, FaceTime chats, and Mother's Day cards, especially during the current crisis, most of us will be relegated to sending gifts via the mail. Don't worry though, I got you. For the perfectly decadent and/or tasty Mother's Day gifts that you can have sent straight to momma and be sure she will feel special, check out the companies below!

And to make your gift even more meaningful? All of these amazing businesses are owned by Black women, a demographic particularly threatened by COVID-19 and overrepresented in essential sectors (and thus expected to potentially sacrifice their health for the safety and comfort of others). Beyond COVID, Black female entrepreneurs also face a difficult set of racial and gender-related challenges, making them particularly vulnerable to an economic slowdown like the current COVID-related crisis. So give mom something fly, something tasty, something fun, while also supporting Black female entrepreneurs. It's more important now than ever.

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Decadent and Tasty Gifts From Black Women Entrepreneurs

For moms with a sweet tooth

1. Get a sampler from Suda Chips Cookie Company! These cookies arrive fresh and individually wrapped -- trust me, I've tried them. This company is Black-owned by a husband and wife team.

2. Order blondies for the discerning palate from The Blondery, owned and operated by a classically trained pastry chef.

3. For the chocolate lovers, check out My Chocolate Secrets, which uses organic ingredients to make classic chocolate creations.

For wellness and self-care striving moms

4. Get the house smelling right and encourage relaxation with candles from Ardor Bin. Their candles are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of harmful parabens, phthalates, paraffins, animal products, dyes, and airborne heavy metals.

5. Get the tea going with Calabash Tea & Tonic. Order tea blends and tonics from this 5th generation herbalist and get yourself feeling right.

6. Provide mom with some good wines at a great price. McBride Sisters wines average 3.9 stars AND less than $20 per bottle.

For moms who get down better than Martha in the Kitchen

7. Help mom get creative and spice it up with Essie Spice. I personally have been eyeing that "Tamarind Oh!"

8. Add a vegan foodie twist to family brunches by sending a few treats from Trade Street Jam. With flavors like Strawberry Chipotle & Fig and Plum & Rose, these jams and treats will get mom right. Lots of them are also low sugar too!

9. Give your mom a little kitchen fabulous with My Fabulous Food. I could imagine some dark chocolate cookies with their Shot of Espresso blend and some of that Black Lava Sea Salt...I'm just saying.

No matter what you do for momma -- buy her a gift, send her a note, or surprise her with a recorded song -- I hope she has a restful and joy-filled Mother's Day!

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